Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tarantino Comics - Issue 28

All the covers from Tarantino Comics have been awesome thus far, but Chicago really inspired some fantastic images, particularly from Pulp Fiction.  Starting with last issue's comedic depiction of Captain Koons (anyone else spot the connection in Django?), Tarantino Comics #28 ups the ante with one of the most horrifying scenes from a Tarantino flick"Bring out the Gimp!"

Illustrated by Brent Schoonover at C2E2 2012, the likenesses of Butch and Marcellus are spot on.  Having seen Brent's talent on other pieces of art before, I knew I had to get him in this sketchbook.  Brent has a true talent of creating pulpy characters.  Ranging from the noirish Dick Tracy to the Silver Age of Marvel, his work really carries a classic comic book sensibility.  As perfectly shown in this cover art, Brent replicated the true essence of an EC Comic.  With overtones of a Val Lewton film, only the shadowy outline of the Gimp is ever shown to the audience.  The expressions on the characters faces display true terror (as also seen in the Title Bar), an emotion purely captured in comic book fashion.  Also of note, The Band Apart Logo is more like the classic DC Logo rather the typical boxy emblem pictured from previous issues.

I highly recommend checking out Mr. Schoonover's artwork.  As I said before, he really captures the nostalgia of classic comic book characters.  He recently had a unique mix and match between modern funny books with pulpy comic strips in Mr. Murder is Dead published by Archaia Entertainment.  You can also check for Brent's latest work and blog posts at: