Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tarantino Comics - Issue 35

So this weekend was definitely a good weekend.  Not only did I have very little homework, but my girlfriend was able to score tickets to the largest pop culture event of the year... The San Diego Comic Con!  Angie survived the nerve-racking random number generator and got badges for every day except preview night!  Since we were both lucky enough to gain entry  before everything sold out, let's just hope for an awesome panel with the cast and crew of The Hateful Eight!

Anyways, for this week's presentation of Tarantino Comics, we finally move to a new convention -  MegaCon 2013.  Drawn by Jamie Fay, Tarantino Comics #35 was inspired by Kill Bill.

I really like Jamie's approach for this cover.  By designing the layout as a fight card, we know there's going to be a huge showdown between Copperhead and Black Mamba.  Also, Jamie did a terrific job overlaying shattered glass over the image, foreshadowing the opening fight sequence of this revenge saga.

If you ever see Jamie at a con, be sure to check out his work.  He's a super nice guy and draws beautiful women (as seen with these awesome renditions of Vivica and Uma).  If you're ever interested in a commission, you can contact him here: