Monday, February 7, 2011

The Tarantino Comics Rating System - Death List Five

For the past few weeks, I've been using the standard "5 Star Rating System" to appraise the things I've been checking out. However, since this blog is called Tarantino Comics, I had to come up with something worthy to live up to the name. Ideas ranging from bullets, Samurai Swords, and even Uma's crossed my mind, but they just weren't original enough. Then I got to thinking, how was the number five ever represented in a Tarantino Film? The Answer: Death List Five

As the Bride killed her way up the list, the closer she got to her goal. In a similar fashion, I plan to use the concept to rate my movies and comics: The higher up the list, the closer to awesomeness.

So here's how the rating system translates (and yes, I'm copying the description from Netflix):

1. O-Ren Ishii (Cottonmouth) - Hated It
2. Vernita Green (Copperhead) - Didn't Like It
3. Budd (Sidewinder) - Liked It
4. Elle Driver (California Mountain Snake) - Really Liked It
5. Bill (Snake Charmer) - Loved It

Please don't think I hated the Lucy Liu fight, I loved it, especially everything leading up to it. But when you compare it to the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique that Beatrix landed on Bill's chest, it was mind-blowing! So for the purposes of this blog, Death List Five is much more fitting.

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