Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ten Taglines #6

Quick thoughts about 10 films in my movie collection:

El Mariachi: The start of Mexiploitation?
2. Street Fighter: Hissing - The source behind Sonny Chiba’s Kung Fu!
3. The Wrestler: Who should you feel more sorry for: Mickey of Marissa?
4. Kill Bill Vol. 2: This awesome movie ends with a great set of credits!
5. Raiders of the Lost Ark: Best Adventure Movie Ever!
6. Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS: This rough movie isn’t about Nazi Werewolves…
7. Blow Out: This was before John Lithgow was creepy in Dexter…
8. Transformers: I thank this movie for Megan Fox!
9. Pan's Labyrinth: A scary fairy tale with visually fantastic creatures!
10. The Corpse Bride: Johnny Depp in the Nightmare Before Christmas!

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