Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tarantino Comics - Issue 25

Kill Bill is my favorite movie of all time and due to its popularity, I'm pretty surprised no one has drawn a Gogo Yubari (especially with the large Anime presence at cons).  But never fear, this atrocity was fixed in Tarantino Comics #25, drawn by Ray Richardson at Megacon 2012:

Throughout this series, I've yet to have any real pinup covers.  However, with all the beautiful women in Tarantino films, Gogo was awesome place to start.  Besides, a little cheesecake doesn't hurt every once in a while...

Ray did an awesome job with the cover, showing the kinetic energy flowing from her ball and chain.  Also, the interesting angle and perspective beautifully shows off her "Battle Royale" schoolgirl outfit.  Ray did a terrific job with the title banner, showing clean lines and blood slicing through the letters, something that can only be done with the comic medium.

Make sure to stop by Ray if you ever see him at a con.  But for now, check out his work at: .  He draws beautiful women, has a unique comic style, and is a super nice guy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bullet Points - Martha Marcy May Marlene and Much Much More

 Here's some things I've watched in the last couple of weeks:
  • Louie - I'm always looking for Netflix TV shows to watch while torturing myself on the elliptical.  In the past, I've watched series such as Sons of Anarchy, Arrested Development, and Twin Peaks.  As I'm struggling to keep the motivation, FX has once again proven to be a powerhouse of entertainment.  In a similar vain to Seinfeld, Louie follows the life of comedian Louis C.K.  Louie is truly an auteur - He's the leading actor, writer, director, and producer.  He captures the humor of New York life with a gritty film style.  At times, the show can become quite serious and dramatic, but somehow that's where the humor really shines (I'm not sure how to explain).  Louie may be considered the "comedian's comedian," but there's plenty of times where I can't contain loud bursts of laughter exploding from my stomach as I try to burn calories at my local YMCA.  Anyways, I'm caught up with network television, so now it's time to find another show to get me through the gym...
  • Martha Marcy May Marlene - If you were to tell me the baby sister of the Olsen Twins had some serious acting chops, I wouldn't believe you.  However, Elisabeth Olsen proved me wrong in this psychological drama following a girl escaping a nutty cult.  Beautifully crafted, the film starts off with Martha running away from a creepy farmhouse and relocating with her older sister.  As Martha attempts to rejoin society (with odd behaviors such as swimming nude in a public lake or having a panic attack at a friendly dinner party), it shows how her mind was reprogrammed  by the cult through flashbacks.  The film does a terrific job arguing why this cult may be appealing (by showing the complications of our materialistic world), but obviously there was some horrific incidents that persuaded Martha to run away.  With a sense of constant paranoia, this movie is a horror flick in its own right and has brought my attention to a new star.
  • Katy Perry:  Part of Me - As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Katy Perry (see here).  And I admit, it may be a little gay to see this movie with a couple of other dudes, but how can you argue with seeing Katy in her full 3D Glory?!?! 
  • Ted - Everyone loves Family Guy.  So why not make a live action hour-and-a-half episode?  Filled with tons of pop culture references (especially Flash Gordon), Marky Mark, and crude humor, this movie is a riot.  And besides, you get to see the voice behind Meg...
  • Modern Times - The Artist has proven to be fun and whimsical movie.  I've also seen some Lon Chaney silents that are pretty eerie and frightening.  So how come I've never watched a Charlie Chaplin film?  Finally I popped in a used Criterion blu-ray disc I bought from Movie Stop almost a year ago and believe I came across a masterpiece.  Basically, Modern Times is a commentary of the Industrial Age and the Great Depression, but this film has a little bit of everything - Comedy, Romance, and Drama.  I loved all of the Tramp's humor, but it was his interaction with the homeless woman (Paullete Goddard) that really pulled at my heart strings.  And even though she's only shown in black and white (along with smears of dirt on her face), Paulette is gorgous - I believe she would have been my Jessica Alba if I was alive in the 1930's.  Anyways, I was really surprised by the film, loved the music (even composed by Chaplin), and laughed outloud several times. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tarantino Comics - Issue 24

Wow!  I'm horrible at keeping my blog up to date, but since this is my 100th post, this surely calls for a celebration!  Inspired from Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino Comics #24 was illustrated by Mario Gonzalez at Megacon 2012.

This may be the most cartoony piece in the series, but I love it!  Mario is a huge fan of film and had no problem capturing the essence of this horrific scene - but with a slightly comedic slant.  This is probably the most memorable sequence of Reservoir Dogs and has been a favorite among artists (as you can see here and here).  But the way Mario humorously depicts Mr. Blonde sharpening  his razor creates a sense of terror and suspense in its own right.  Since the soundtrack is such an important staple to Tarantino films, Mario is also the first to include a song as a tagline - "Stuck in the Middle with You" - something I've been eagerly waiting for an artist to incorporate.  Last and not least, look at the colors in this piece - the scan does not do it justice, but the colors are purely mesmerizing, beautiful, and brilliant.

If you ever see Mario at a con, be sure to say hi.  I met him previously at a CGS Super Show and he quickly kicked out some awesome work (he did a Killdozer for my dad and Beaker vs. The Count von Count for me).  He's truly a nice guy and a fun person to talk to.  Be sure to check out his webcomic Wyliman at .  You can also support him by purchasing hard copies, where there's tons of laughs and pop culture references inside!