Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tarantino Comics - Issue 25

Kill Bill is my favorite movie of all time and due to its popularity, I'm pretty surprised no one has drawn a Gogo Yubari (especially with the large Anime presence at cons).  But never fear, this atrocity was fixed in Tarantino Comics #25, drawn by Ray Richardson at Megacon 2012:

Throughout this series, I've yet to have any real pinup covers.  However, with all the beautiful women in Tarantino films, Gogo was awesome place to start.  Besides, a little cheesecake doesn't hurt every once in a while...

Ray did an awesome job with the cover, showing the kinetic energy flowing from her ball and chain.  Also, the interesting angle and perspective beautifully shows off her "Battle Royale" schoolgirl outfit.  Ray did a terrific job with the title banner, showing clean lines and blood slicing through the letters, something that can only be done with the comic medium.

Make sure to stop by Ray if you ever see him at a con.  But for now, check out his work at: .  He draws beautiful women, has a unique comic style, and is a super nice guy.

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