Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tarantino Comics - Issue 24

Wow!  I'm horrible at keeping my blog up to date, but since this is my 100th post, this surely calls for a celebration!  Inspired from Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino Comics #24 was illustrated by Mario Gonzalez at Megacon 2012.

This may be the most cartoony piece in the series, but I love it!  Mario is a huge fan of film and had no problem capturing the essence of this horrific scene - but with a slightly comedic slant.  This is probably the most memorable sequence of Reservoir Dogs and has been a favorite among artists (as you can see here and here).  But the way Mario humorously depicts Mr. Blonde sharpening  his razor creates a sense of terror and suspense in its own right.  Since the soundtrack is such an important staple to Tarantino films, Mario is also the first to include a song as a tagline - "Stuck in the Middle with You" - something I've been eagerly waiting for an artist to incorporate.  Last and not least, look at the colors in this piece - the scan does not do it justice, but the colors are purely mesmerizing, beautiful, and brilliant.

If you ever see Mario at a con, be sure to say hi.  I met him previously at a CGS Super Show and he quickly kicked out some awesome work (he did a Killdozer for my dad and Beaker vs. The Count von Count for me).  He's truly a nice guy and a fun person to talk to.  Be sure to check out his webcomic Wyliman at .  You can also support him by purchasing hard copies, where there's tons of laughs and pop culture references inside!

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