Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tarantino Comics - Issue 17

Issues ago in Tarantino Comics #5, Mr. Blonde is proudly holding the ear of Marvin Nash. But in Tarantino Comics #17, we no longer see a sinister smile, but a tortured man who is beaten, gagged, and covered in blood:

Inspired from Reservoir Dogs, Chris Dibari drew this cover at the 2011 CGS Super Show. Danielle Soloud (who drew Issue #11) mentioned Chris would be great in my book and I'm glad I listened to her. He is an awesome artist and a great guy. While he was drawing, we had some fun conversations ranging from comics to movies.

Chris has a gritty art style that I enjoy very much. In this particular piece, his line work is sharply drawn and perfectly complimented by the dripping red blood. Also, Chris' blood splattered "Tarantino Comics" logo may be my favorite design thus far.

So if you see Chris at a comic convention, be sure to say hi. Also check out his work at Cadence Comic Art, where my favorite piece for sale is The Exorcist Pinup.

I hope you enjoyed this week's piece and be sure to come back next week for another issue of Tarantino Comics!

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