Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tarantino Comics - Issue 15

The last two months have been filled with awesome comic conventions and I haven't reported on any of it! For now, I will at least present the latest issue of Tarantino Comics:

Tarantino Comics #15 was created in two parts. At the 2011 CGS Super Show, Miguel Jorge penciled and inked this awesome cover. Miguel saw my sketchbook at the 2010 Super Show and has been waiting to do a cover since then. Before Miguel started the commission, we discussed ideas he could illustrate. When I mentioned the possibility of the Reservoir Dogs crew walking from breakfast, Miguel said he had to do it. And I'm glad he did, as his likenesses of each character is spot on. As I look at the cover, I can hear Little Green Bag by The George Baker Selection in the background. Miguel is a super humble guy and is very talented. He is an artist based out of Portugal, so check out his art at:

The second portion of this cover was just completed last weekend at Heroes Con in North Carolina. At the show, you have tons of artists, including colorists, so I decided to give it a try and had this cover colored by Brian Reber. Overall, his color scheme was simple, but by keeping the characters black and white, their likenesses stand out even more. A lot more work goes into coloring than one may imagine. If you want to see more of Brian's work, visit:

Stay tuned, as I should be back in a week for another issue of Tarantino Comics!

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