Monday, June 20, 2011

Tarantino Comics - Issue 16

Finally! I got some Jackie Brown Love! Issue #16 of Tarantino Comics was drawn by Julian Lytle at the 2011 CGS Super Show:

Julian is a fantastic pop artist and really shows his talent in this piece. He beautifully depicts Jackie Brown stashing money in her flight attendant jacket. The cover also co-features Ordell Robbie, reminding readers he is always watching his investments. And to top it all off, his tag-line on the cover is priceless: "Jolting Tales of Double Crosses and Murder!!! In the Tarantino Tradition!"

If you've ever listened to the Comic Geek Speak podcast, you'll recognize Julian as a regular caller from his clever rants and entertaining opinions. If you ever meet him at a show, be sure to stop by and talk with him. Not only is he a fan of comics, but he is a huge lover of pop culture. For example, while he was drawing Pam Grier, we had a great discussion of the dangerously attractive Santana (Naya Rivera) from Glee...

Be sure to check out Julian's work and his web-comic Ants at:

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