Friday, April 22, 2011

Tarantino Comics - Issue 13

Today is Good Friday and it's been over two weeks since I've last posted something on this blog. Since I've been extremely busy at work and school, I thought it would be nice to start off with another awesome issue of Tarantino Comics:

Drawn by Amanda Rachels at Megacon 2011, Tarantino Comics #13 was inspired from Kill Bill. Amanda has become a regular cover artist on this series, so be sure to check out her previous covers on Tarantino Comics #'s 2 & 3. In a year's time frame, Amanda's work has really improved (not that it was bad before) and I'm excited to see her skills develop even more. I love "The Bride's Exploits" montage filled with beautiful vibrant colors.

So be sure to check out her other projects like The Blind Eye and Clown Town at

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tarantino Comics - Issue 12

In the 1950's, Frederick Wortham wrote a book called Seduction of the Innocent. He claimed comic books were corrupting the minds of children due to sex and violence. His movement led to the censorship of comics through the creation of the Comics Code Authority - A seal of approval comic publishers would stamp on their cover to encourage parents their stories were "good and wholesome."

Using the cover of Crime SuspenStories #22 (see image in this post), Wortham was able to persuade the Senate of his cause. With that particular EC Comics image in mind, Ron Salas drew this awesome cover to Tarantino Comics #12 at this year's MegaCon:

Inspired from Kill Bill, Ron did a great job showcasing O-Ren Ishii holding the decapitated head of Boss Tanaka. I first met Ron at a previous comic convention and he drew one of my favorite pieces in my Immortal Iron Fist sketchbook. Ron has a real talent of capturing lighting and shadows in his art. He is a super nice guy, so if you ever see him at convention, stop by and pick something up from him. Also, be sure to check some of his other work at .

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hack / Slash #1 - New Image Series

A couple years back, the first time I've ever heard of Hack / Slash was during Spike TV's Scream Awards. It won for best comic book, but I never took the time to read it because I was a starving college student saving my money for other books I wanted to buy from my pull list. Now that the series is being relaunched by Image, I've decided to give the book a try.

The concept is simple - It is about a team of people who hunt down slashers. If that isn't enough to get you to read the book, the main character is a hot black-haired chick named Cassie Hack who destroys serial killers of the likes of Jason and Leatherhead. If they were to make a movie and didn't have to worry about acting, Megan Fox would be perfect for the role.

For those of us who haven't read the Devil's Due Series, this first issue does a great job introducing us to the cast. At the beginning of the comic, a small bio of the main characters are given, some of the more notable being:
  • Vlad - He looks like a slasher, but he is actually Cassie's right hand man. Always wearing a gas mask to disguise his ghastly appearance, Vlad is a monstrosity not to be messed with.
  • Samhain - Once a part of an evil organization called the Black Lamp Society, this "Jack-O-Lantern Masked Man" is out to destroy the organization that created him.
  • Cat Curio - 13 years ago, Cat was placed into a coma after being stabbed by Samhain. Now that she has awakened from her slumber, she is now on the hunt for revenge.
  • Pooch - A talking lowbeast who looks like a dog flipped inside out and hangs out with Cassie's crew.
This first storyline describes Cassie is more on edge than usual. She is all about hunting down killers and taking no breaks for herself or her friends. However, after being attacked by acid zombies, it looks like the Black Lamp Society is planning to release a toxin to destroy America. But before Cassie and Vlad can get their bearings on things, they are confronted by a steaming blonde with an angel tattooed on her stomach, claiming Cassie will get exactly what she deserves...

So this first issue was primarily setup. Not a lot happened, but I feel I have a pretty good idea who the characters are. I'm looking forward to reading more about Cassie, as I like her attitude and sarcasm (and enjoyed her "fogging the windows" scene).

The artwork by Daniel Leister is filled with beautifully drawn women. And to counteract the cheesecake, images of blood and guts cover a great deal of the panels.

Writer and creator Tim Seeley did a great job with this issue, as I will continue to buy this book until at least the end of this "Come Together" storyline. I may even go back and read some of the earlier trade paper backs of the previous series. So if you are new to this series like me, this is a great starting point. But if you've been reading this series for a while, you may feel the story is a little slow, but I'm sure you will continue on for the ride.

So on Death List Five, Hack / Slash #1 ranks #3.