Saturday, April 3, 2010

Welcome to Tarantino Comics

Welcome to my new blog! This is purely meant as a fansite, displaying my love for comics and film (especially Quentin Tarantino films). When I go to comic book conventions, you have the ability to meet different artists and commission them to draw anything you want. Some people get the artwork on individual pieces of paper, but in my case, I have hardbound sketchbooks, each with a common theme. Based on the sketchbook's theme, the various artists draw their interpretation of the theme on each consecutive page. My sketchbooks include: Pulp Characters, Stargirl (character from DC Comics), The Immortal Iron Fist (Character from Marvel Comics), Batman & Daredevil, and The Muppet Show vs. Sesame Street.

On this blog, I will display my themed sketchbook of "Tarantino Comics." Providing references I've gathered from various Tarantino films (such as plots, screenshots, character lists, quotes, ect.), the artists create a comic book cover in the style of the old EC comics. The purpose of this sketchbook is to create an imaginary comic universe based on Tarantino Films. Each page of the book represents a comic cover with 5 requirements:
  1. Publisher Logo: A Band Apart
  2. Issue Number: Each page will be issued consecutively
  3. Issue Price: 10 cents
  4. Title Name: Tarantino Comics
  5. Tarantino Movie Inspired Comic Cover

I go to about 3 -5 comic conventions a year, so I will only have a few Tarantino Comic sketches posted through out the year. However, since I love both comics and film, to keep this blog fresh, I will post my thoughts on some of the things I am currently reading and watching. I hope you all enjoy this blog, and I hope you especially enjoy the Tarantino Comics Sketchbook because all of the artists drawing in this book are fantastic and deserve the recognition.

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