Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tarantino Comics - Issues 4 & 5

Last weekend I went to the Comic Geek Speak Super Show in Reading, PA. The guys who put on this show are a group of great guys who have an awesome comics community and podcast. Be sure to check them out at:

My first sketch of the weekend, Tarantino Comics #4, was done by Adam Withers of The Uniques Comic. This piece was inspired from Kill Bill Volume 1. I've met Adam at previous shows before, so he had to draw in this book because he previously drew a "Reservoir Muppets" scene in my Muppet Show vs. Sesame Street sketchbook (The Swedish Chef as Mr. Blonde cutting off Bert's Ear). Be sure to check out Adam and Comfort Love at

Tarantino Comics #5 was drawn by William Blankenship. This was inspired from the infamous torture scene in Reservoir Dogs. Will was a great guy, so be sure to check him out at

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