Friday, September 30, 2011

Top 5 Countdown - Most Anticipated TV Series of Fall 2011

I've been extremely busy as of late since I've been finishing one Master's Degree and starting another. My new degree is in Optics (lenses, lasers, light, etc..) and I'm enjoying it very much. However, it's taking a lot of my time reviewing things such as calculus and physics - Subjects I haven't touched since my freshman year of college.

When I'm not busy working or studying, the one thing keeping my sanity is ironically Television. I'd rather be watching movies and writing reviews, however TV shows are a quick escape from reality. So today's Top Five Countdown is a listing of my Most Anticipated Television Series of Fall 2011 (although most of them have already started):

5. American Horror Story - I don't know much about the premise, but I do love a good horror story. From the creators of Glee, I'm sure this show will have the same quirkiness minus the singing. Other than AMC, FX is making some of my favorite shows ranging from the dark humor of Wilfred to the grittiness of Justified. There's no doubt American Horror Story will be a hit.

4. Raising Hope - If you haven't watched this show, you are missing out on one of the best slapstick comedies. From the minds of My Name is Earl, it's about a boy who knocks up a serial killer and takes care of the baby after the mom has been captured and executed. Although this sounds pretty grim, this show is nothing but laugh-out-loud antics as this family takes care of baby Hope. Plus, it has Shannon Woodward, a foxy chick I truly adore...

3. The Office - If you ask what's my all-time favorite comedy, I'll answer "The Office." I'm sad to see Michael Scott leave Dunder Mifflin, but the rest of the cast is amazingly funny. With intelligently witty humor and a new boss, I am excited to see the new direction of this show.

2. Dexter - You have to love the show's concept: A Forensic Scientist who is a Serial Killer. This series has taken us for one wild ride and I'm sure it won't calm down anytime soon. I have no idea what this season has in store, but I'm temporarily subscribing to Showtime just so I can watch Michael C. Hall bring justice... or should I say death.

1. Sons of Anarchy - After quickly finishing 3 seasons in 3 weeks, I have found a new series which rivals my favorites of Breaking Bad and The Sopranos. I just can't get enough: It has a superb cast, awesome storytelling, and fantastic cinematography. As you watch this show, you must remember it's more than a gritty crime story - it's a family drama. I plan on writing more about SOA in the future, but right now, I can't wait to see what danger lies ahead for SAMCRO and how they'll deal with Danny Trejo and the Cartel.

After writing this post, I feel like a couch potato... but can you really blame me with such awesome stories to be watched ?!?!?!

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