Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tarantino Comics - Issue 22

This is long overdue, but it's about time I showcase the final issue of Tarantino Comics from Heroes Con 2011. Presenting an issue inspired from Kill Bill, Tarantino Comics #22 was illustrated by Jay Potts.

There was no better way to end my 2011 convention season with an issue drawn by an artist who totally gets the genre of exploitation. Jay beautifully drew and inked a realistic portrayal of the infamous Elle Driver. Taking place in the close quarters of a mobile home, Jay's line work captures the claustrophobia of the scene. In addition to the fantastic artwork, I love the tagline - "An Eye for an Eye" - foreshadowing Beatrix's revenge for her master Pai Mei.

At the convention, Jay was the number one person I wanted to get a sketch from because he does an awesome blaxploitation webcomic called World of Hurt. Originally I thought he would have chose something from Jackie Brown, but I was pleasantly surprised by his final choice. Jay's artwork is reminiscent of the old Marvel Black and White Magazines and I believe he would make a kick ass Kung Fu or horror book. So be sure to check Jay's artwork, storytelling, blog posts, and opinions at

Be sure to check back soon as I've got some recent new covers from this year's MegaCon - and these are some of my favorites yet!

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