Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tarantino Comics - Issue 26

The last 40 minutes of Death Proof contain the most thrilling-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-action that has ever appeared in cinematic history.  I don't care who you are:  You fear for Zoe Bell's life as Stuntman Mike tries to ram her clinging body from the hood of the Dodge Challenger.  When the audience finally gets a moment to breathe, it's this scene depicted in Tarantino Comics #26 that transforms the audience's nail-biting fear into joyful yelps of revenge:

Drawn by Nathan Wiedemer, Tarantino Comics #26 was drawn at Megacon 2012.  Done in an animated style, this cover is jam packed with so much awesomeness.  The caricature of Kurt Russell is spot on and shows his comedic agony after being shot.  And although Zoe is carrying a wooden plank rather than a metal rod, I love each girl's expression of sweet revenge.

Nathan is a very talented artist and cartoonist.  But don't let his cartoony style keep you away because all of his illustrations are filled with richness, detail, and colors.  Nathan previously drew an awesome Zorro piece for me that carries the same artistic sensibilities shown in this Death Proof scene.  So if you ever see Nathan at a convention, be sure to grab up his artwork.  He's an extremely humble guy and does terrific work.  But in the meantime be sure to checkout his website at:

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