Monday, July 28, 2014

Tarantino Comics - Issue 32

It's been a while since I've featured an issue of Tarantino Comics, so it's about time I actually post something to earn the title of my blog.  So without further adieu, Tarantino Comics # 32 was drawn by Andrew Charipar at The Super Wild Pig Show 2012.

Exposed through high school lunchroom talk and TV commercials, two things from Kill Bill resonated in my mind before I even saw the film:

1)  Poison Ivy in a Yellow Jumpsuit
2)  Some one-eyed nurse whistling a creepy tune

As expected, I was blown away after I saw Kill Bill for the first time.  However, even after years of re-watching the film, the sequence with Elle Driver walking through the hospital still sends shivers up my spine.  As depicted above, Andrew captures the eeriness of the scene with grey tones.  However, he amps up the danger with a hint of blood red.  Andrew brilliantly places the Bride's face in the background so we can visualize the De Palma Split Screen and hear the Twisted Nerve theme.   

I've known Andrew for a couple of years and he's become a good friend (plus he's a fellow Floridian too).  His cartoony style is always eye-pleasing and remains a hit with the people at the conventions.  Andrew's art gets better every day and I love his ink work.

Be sure to checkout his blog so you can see his awesome portfolio of  character sketches he continually draws:   And if you see him at a convention, be sure to hit him up for a commission!

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