Monday, January 19, 2015

Tarantino Comics - Issue 33

Since this is my first blog post of the new year, I going to reveal my 2015 game plan.  With school finishing up in the spring, I should be able to watch more movies and read more comics - theoretically allowing me to write more reviews.  But until I graduate, lab reports are going to get in the way of my pop culture writing.  Nevertheless, I have a huge backlog of Tarantino Comics that needs to be presented.  So until each cover is displayed, I plan to showcase at least 1 issue a week.  In a way, this is going to be a countdown to media event of the year - The San Diego Comic Con!  Although tickets are not yet available, I have every intention of visiting the con and attending a panel of the most anticipated movie of the year - The Hateful Eight

So until plans become solidified, let's continue with this week's new issue.  Inspired by Pulp Fiction, Tarantino Comics # 33 was drawn by Fred Chao at The Super Wild Pig Show 2012.

Simple in design, Fred's depiction of Jules and Vincent is dead on.  Although the portrait is not from any particular scene of Pulp Fiction, the hit men are totally recognizable.  I also love Fred's color palette - Black and White with a tint of red.

If you enjoyed Fred's artwork, be sure to checkout his graphic novel Johnny Hiro, nominated for 4 Eisner Awards in 2010.  Also check out his unique and awesome artwork at  

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