Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tarantino Comics - Issue 36

This weekend's issue of Tarantino Comics is truly monumental.  Not only was it drawn by our awesome reoccurring artist, but it's the first issue to feature Django Unchained.  Designed by Amanda RachelsTarantino Comics #36 was illustrated at MegaCon 2013.

Once again, Amanda knocked this cover out of the park.  Her skills are always accompanied by her Tarantino knowledge, where she fits so many entertaining and significant references from his films.  Also it should be noted these images came from her memory since I didn't have any Django references printed.

The cover was designed like an amusement park ad, where our tour guides Calvin Candie and Stephen welcome us to CandyLand.  Making reference to the tense-filled dinner scene, Calvin is holding a fight card promoting the battle between Eskimo Joe and the Black Hercules (also be sure to read the subtitles). And to top it all off, we are enticed to visit CandyLand so we can get some White Cake!

As I've said before, be sure to check out Amanda's work.  As you can see from this piece, her art is always evolving and getting better.  To see what Amanda and her team at Inverse Press are doing, you can find out here:

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