Monday, May 9, 2011

Tarantino Comics - Issue 14

Inspired from Reservoir Dogs, Issue #14 of Tarantino Comics was drawn by Walter Ostlie:

As the last piece drawn at this year's Megacon, this image truly captures the energy and intensity of the standoff scene between Mr. White and Mr. Pink. I had a few more commisions done by Wally and they each have a similar kinetic feel to them.

Brick by brick, this cover has a creative layout with an awesome choice of colors. Although his style is unique, in my opinion, Wally's character designs are reminiscent of Fabio Moon or Gabriel Ba, both artists I truly enjoy (The Umbrella Academy, Casanova).

I look forward to following Wally's art, so be sure to check out his websites, as I only expect more awesome work in the future: and

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