Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tarantino Comics - Issue 18

These next couple issues of Tarantino Comics will probably be my last run for 2011. Unless some oddball conventions pop up locally, Heroes Con will have been my last convention for the year. However, I have some awesome covers to share, starting with Tarantino Comics #18:

Drawn by Banky, this cover was inspired from Death Proof. She beautifully drew two of my favorite scenes onto a single cover: The Butterfly Lap Dance and Zoe Bell playing Ship's Mast.

Banky is a Florida artist and I got to know her at this year's Megacon. We ran out of time for her to do a piece during the show, so she made sure to reserve these Death Proof scenes when I saw her at Heroes. She definitely didn't disappoint and I absolutely love her Butterfly dancing at the jukebox (probably my favorite shot of the whole movie). Her color scheme perfectly fits the cover's theme and her 1970 Dodge Challenger rocks!

After personally hanging out with Banky, you should definitely stop to see and talk with her. She is an awesome person, a great artist, and can draw some gorgeous women! So, be sure to check out her deviantART page at:

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