Friday, July 29, 2011

Tarantino Comics - Issue 19

"Mmmhmm! This is a tasty burger!" Inspired from Pulp Fiction, Tarantino Comics #19 was drawn at Heroes Con 2011 by Matthew Petz:

I first met Matt at the CGS Super Show. Not only is he a humble guy, but he's a terrific artist. His art style can range from the classic super heroics to the humorous imagery presented above. I've been waiting for Matt to draw an issue of Tarantino Comics ever since he's illustrated Animal tearing Elmo's head off in my Sesame Street vs. Muppet Show Sketchbook. And I don't regret my choice because he wonderfully transposed one of the most quotable scenes in cinematic history into comic book form.

So if you like how he presents Jules biting into a Big Kahuna Burger, be sure to check out his Zuda webcomic War of the Woods at: .

Also check out his website ( and blog (

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