Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tarantino Comics - Issue 20

I've been trying to stretch out these covers for as long as I could since my next con is not until February, but I have to share one of my favorites - Tarantino Comics #20 illustrated by Dave Wachter at Heroes Con 2011.

Inspired from Jackie Brown, Dave created a beautiful depiction of Pam Grier co-featuring Robert Forster as Max Cherry. If I saw this iconic issue on the news stands, I'd most definitely pick it up. Also notice the vertical title bar next to the comic banner, another great homage to EC Comics.

I first met Dave a few years ago at CGS Episode 300 where he did an awesome Yip Yips and Pigs in Space in my Muppet Show versus Sesame Street sketchbook (he actually did a Kermit vs. Cookie Monster piece which inspired the entire theme). Ever since then, I've gotten Dave in almost all my sketchbooks since his art is so beautiful and fantastic. So if you ever see Dave at a convention, grab his art now before he becomes a mega-comic superstar and has commission prices on par with Adam Hughes. Recently for IDW, he did a mini-series called That Hellbound Train, an adaptation of Robert Bloch's short story (also the author of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho). But don't let that scare you from just talking with him because he's fan of comics, very humble, and a super guy.

So if you like what you saw, check out his sketchblog at . Also, I've been hoping for a revival of Westerns with recent projects such as AMC's Hell on Wheels and my most anticipated movie of next year, Tarantino's Django Unchained. So if you don't want to miss the next "zombie / vampire craze", get on board with Dave's awesome webcomic (Eisner and Harvey nominated), Guns of Shadow Valley at .

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