Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tarantino Comics - Issue 23

Please forgive me, but I've been to 3 cons since I've last posted an  issue of Tarantino Comics.  This new optics degree is really kicking my ass, so I haven't been able to watch as many movies as I'd like.  But never fear, I have several new covers to share!  So let's start with the beginning of my 2012 Comic Convention Tour - MegaCon.  Inspired from Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino Comics #23 was illustrated by Ashley Lanni.

Ashley drew a very elegant piece depicting Shoshanna smoking her cigarette in the cafe.  Although not a lot of action actually happens in this scene, Shoshanna is forever haunted by the memories of her family being slaughtered by Colonel Landa.  As Shoshanna suffers through the musings of Fredrick Zoller, Ashley's  "Eisner-ish" sensibilities beautifully depict these emotions through the "Au Revoir" second hand smoke.  In addition to this creative cover, Shoshanna's likeness is almost spot on with Mélanie Laurent.

If you want to see more of Ashley's work, be sure to check out her blog at .  Support her work as she definitely has some awesome artistic talent.

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