Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Payback - New Django Unchained Teaser Trailer!

2012 is going to blow 2011 out of the water!  With Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Master, these are only a few of the movies I can't wait to see.  But despite all the great work coming out this year, the movie I'm most anxious to watch, the film I constantly check up on IMDB, the picture I can't wait for to inspire some Tarantino Comics is Django Unchained:

Bottom Line:  Django Unchained is going to be a wicked revenge epic.  I haven't read any of the leaked screenplays, but based on the trailer, I can foresee Tarantino's 5 Classic Non-Linear Title Carded Chapters:
  1. Black Romance
  2. The Bounty Hunter and the Slave
  3. Hunt for the Brittle Brothers
  4. Calvin Candie's Battle Royale
  5. Saving Broomhilda aka Django's Revenge
One last note, it's interesting James Brown's The Payback was chosen for the trailer.  Besides Natural Born Killers, this song is the only other similarity I can think of between Quentin Tarantino and Oliver Stone.  However, it totally makes sense for a revenge movie and Tarantino's funk sensibilities.

Anyways, have I said I can't wait for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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