Sunday, August 18, 2013

Criterion Collection - July 2013 Barnes and Noble Sale Part 3

The film section of the Colonial Drive Barnes and Noble (by Orlando's Fashion Square Mall) is pretty awesome.  They have the largest selection of Criterion DVD's I've seen so far.  Although I was impressed by their inventory, I didn't pick up as much because I was saving my funds for the final weekend of the Criterion Sale.  However, my purchases were particularly inspired by the CriterionCast ( - If you never listened to their podcast, you should definitely check them out):

  • Pierre Etaix:  I don't know anything of this film artist, but due to my recent love for Charlie Chaplin's work, I decided to give this French comedian a try.  Plus, this beautiful collection is jam packed with multiple films, shorts, and special features.  I can't wait to pop these discs into my blu-ray player and see what comedy ensues.
  • The Gold Rush:  Speaking of Chaplin, why not pick up another seminal classic featuring "The Tramp."  It's not the latest Chaplin release from Criterion, but I had to pick it up.
  •  Lord of the Flies:  If you watch Criterion's 3 Reasons video, I never realized how dark of a film this is - Young boys stranded on an island with no sense of stable order can be truly terrifying.  I once attempted to read this book after reading Catcher in Rye (for a brief period, I was attempting to read the classics), but I could barely get through the first few pages... because I didn't know the definition of a "conch."  I guess I should of picked up a dictionary, but I imagine I'll enjoy Golding's tale much more through this experience instead.

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