Friday, June 19, 2015

Tarantino Comics - Issue 38

Today's issue of Tarantino Comics was completed at CGS Super Show 2013.  Illustrated by Bill Ellis, Tarantino Comics #38 was inspired by the under-represented Jackie Brown.

If you look at old pulp covers, there's usually a classy broad with a crime title in the background.  Making homage to novels like those in the Hard Case Crime line, Bill successfully transforms this Jackie Brown cover into an intriguing issue that you'd want to pick up.  With Pam Grier in the forefront, "The Switch" title makes reference to the "Killing" scene between the ATF and Ordell's gang (Melanie and Louis).  I'm sure Bill's design of the cover would make Elmore Leonard proud.

I met Bill through the Comic Geek Speak and Wild Pig conventions.  He's an awesome guy and likes pop culture (He put a Boondock Saints spin for an entry in my Muppet Show vs. Sesame Street Sketchbook).  To see more of Bill's work, check out old strips of his webcomic at

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