Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tarantino Comics - Issue 40

The final cover completed at CGS Super Show 2013 was Tarantino Comics #40 illustrated by Art Baltazar.

If you're not familiar with Art's work, it's extremely kid friendly.  So for the guy who created Patrick the Wolf Boy, I never believed in a million years I'd see him recreate a scene from Pulp Fiction... until you get to know him.  When I first started going to comic conventions in 2007, Art was one of the first people I got sketches from.  For a dollar, not only do you get a sketch of any character you want, but you get an entertaining conversation with one of the coolest guys in the comic industry. 

Since he's highly knowledgeable of both comics and movies, Art whipped up this fun piece featuring Butch's famous words to Esmeralda Villalobos.  While creating this awesome addition to the Tarantino Comics line, Art made sure to cover up the word balloon to shield the eyes of young children waiting in line for their Tiny Titans sketches - What a Guy!

If you have kids, stop by your local comic shop and pick up some comics by Art and Franco (believe me, you'll enjoy them as well).  If you're still unsure about his art, check out his website at .  Finally, if you have a long commute, have a boring desk job, or just want something entertaining on your IPod, be sure to listen to Art and Franco's podcast, The Aw Yeah Podcast, at

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