Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Batman Incorporated #1

So far in my blog posts, I've been focusing on the film side of "Tarantino Comics." However, the comic book half has definitely made an impact on Tarantino films. So much so, that he has included comic references within his movies' dialog. He has compared Joe Cabot to The Thing or Beatrix Kiddo to Superman. Today, I will give a comic review of my all-time favorite character - Batman.

It is common knowledge that Batman's mission is to seek vengeance on the criminals of Gotham city. However, in writer Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated #1, Batman is gathering a task force to battle crime across the entire world. Paired with Catwoman, the couple arrives to recruit the Japanese Batman (Mr. Unknown), only to find he was brutally murdered.

Comic Fans either love or hate Grant Morrison. Although he is very innovative, his writing can be so wacky that his continuity gets convoluted. However, I believe this new series is off to a great start. So far he has introduced 3 plot lines which may span over the series:
  1. An international army of Batmen - It will be fun to explore the personalities of those deemed worthy to join Batman's crusade.
  2. The introduction of the villain Lord Death Man - He tortures his victims with acid, he tests the "hero's code" of not killing, and he has the face of a skull. What's not to love?
  3. Batman stole a diamond from an evil guy with Catwoman's help. However this diamond really isn't a sparkly gym. Maybe it's a source of information or power?

Overall, I'm excited for this new series. I loved the interplay between the Bat and the Cat (if Bruce ever settles down, it should be with Selina). The issue ended with a cliffhanger hearkening back to the Silver Age. The Yanick Paquette artwork is fantastic. Most of all, the J.H. Williams III cover art is on par with Tarantino Comics (and believe me, that's a compliment).

I give Batman Incorporated #1: 4 out of 5 stars.

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