Friday, November 22, 2013

Here Come the Mummies!

Playing at the Plaza Live (October 11th), Angie and I experienced one of the weirdest yet most entertaining bands we've ever seen.  Inserting innuendo-filled lyrics into funk, rock, and Latin music, Here Come the Mummies are one of the most talented bands to ever play.

Like their name suggests, all of the members dress like Boris Karloff.  And even though they're considered the living dead, they have some powerful music chops.  Their sound was rich and powerful and mesmerized the audience with their jazzy instruments including the saxophone, trumpet, keyboard, guitar, and drums.

Not only was the music awesome, but the presentation itself was fantastic.  To enter the stage, they marched through the audience as a drum corps.  After they got into position and started playing their set, they were dancing and acting as a perfect unit.

To add to their antics, the band was visited by guests typical of a campy horror film - A Circus Ringleader and a Gorilla!

I had an awesome time and it was a perfect show for the Halloween season.  Many thanks to my favorite show on FM radio - The Philips Phile of Real Radio 104.1.  If it wasn't for Jim Philips' drive home music of the day, I wouldn't have experienced such a dynamic band!


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