Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top Five Countdown - Most Anticipated Movies of December 2013

This year wasn't too bad for film, but 2013 is definitely ending with a bang!  Usually I wouldn't have the time to immerse myself in tons of new films, but luckily the Christmas season gives me two weeks off to spend at the multiplex.  However, if I'm only limited to see 5 films before New Years, these are going to be the lucky flicks to get my money:

5.  Anchorman 2 - The marketing campaign for this movie has been amazing.  Plus, we all know Will Ferrell is going to bring the funniest movie this year.  Besides Brick's green pants in front of the weather map, I can't wait for another epic News Team Battle Royale...

4.  American Hustle - Once again, we get to see Christian Bale transform his body from the Dark Knight into a sleazy, fat, and balding conman.  With semblance to GoodFellas, this 1970's set piece looks like a crime film right up my alley.  Featuring beautiful women (Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawerence), an intense plot line, and an amazing soundtrack, I believe David O. Russell is going to have another hit (even though I still haven't seen Silver Linings Playbook).

3.  Saving Mr. Banks - With the influence of Angie, I've been revisiting the magical world of Disney by rewatching many of the animated classics of my childhood.  Even though I'm not as familiar with Mary Poppins, I'm excited to see the history behind this ground breaking film.  As I'm delighted to see Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney, I'm even more excited to have at least one feel-good-movie during the holidays.

2.  Inside Llewyn Davis - Folk Music usually isn't a topic to keep my interest.  However, if it comes from the minds of the Coen Brothers, it's going to be a good film.  Bound to have some dark comedic elements, I'm excited to see where this movie goes.

1.  The Wolf of Wallstreet - I know for a fact this is going to be my favorite movie this year.  With Kanye West's Black Skinhead playing in the background, the first trailer is a mesmerizing stream of conscience: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Scorsese Monologue, New York City, Stacks of Cash, Fast Cars, Sex, Drugs, Booze, FBI Agents, Yachts, Pool Parties, Laundering Money, Marching Bands, Swinging Baseball Bats, Guns, Brawling, Monkeys, Swallowing Goldfish, and Flying Midgets.  After I unwrap some presents underneath the tree and eat some honey baked ham, I'm definitely seeing this movie Christmas Day!

So I do expect to see The Wolf of Wallstreet 5 times while it's in theatres.  However, I plan to fit some other honorable mentions including The Hobbit, 47 Ronin, Out of the Furnace, 12 Years a Slave, and The Secret Life of Mitty.  Keeping all of these movies in mind, stay tuned as I plan to give a listing of my favorite movies of the year.

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