Sunday, July 19, 2015

SDCC 2015 - Shout Factory Score

The first stop I had to make on the SDCC convention floor was the Shout Factory booth.  I picked up a few Blu-Rays and scored some free swag:

- People Under the Stairs - This is one of the earliest horror films I remember seeing as a kid.  However, I rewatched it a few years back after going through a haunted house based on the film at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.  Now that it has a proper release in High Definition, I can't wait to rewatch it again!

- Robot Jox - I never seen this movie before, but the guy at the booth sold me on the special features.  Besides, it's Stuart Gordon.

- Hackers - Angelina Jolie as a computer nerd - What's not to like?

- Dog Soldiers -  This is actually another film I've never seen before.  However I was a big fan of Neil Marshall's The Descent in college, so this should be a fun watch.

- Thunderbirds The Complete Series - Someone filmed marionettes before Team America?  How could I pass this package up?

I also attended the Shout Factory panel and I'm excited for their new releases (especially the ones from Scream Factory).  And in case you didn't know, Scream Factory is once again celebrating their Summer of Fear, so be sure to take advantage of their sales at !

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