Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tarantino Comics - Issue 43

Happy Fourth of July!!! To celebrate our independence with a Kaboom, I present Tarantino Comics #43 illustrated by Bryan Mon at Heroes Con 2013.

Inspired by Kill Bill, Bryan created one of my favorite covers that captures the essence of EC Comics.  If you look at an old Wally Wood or Jack Davis cover, they're able to generate a lot of suspense and terror with their images.  Similarly, Bryan pulled off the same tension by keeping Beatrix's face hidden in the shadows while Vernita Green is holding a box of Kaboom Cereal.  Along with fantastic and colorful art, Bryan's title banner is beautifully accompanied by amazing font.

If you can't tell from this image, Bryan is a terrific artist.  In all of my sketchbooks, I have at least one Bryan Mon sketch.  He's a versatile illustrator whose style is reminiscent to the golden age, drawing anything from pin-up girls to classic cartoon characters.  I highly recommend you check out his comic character - Tuff-Girl and lookup his blog at

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