Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adam Carolla Improv Comedy Show - Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Get It On! Many will argue that Adam Carolla is the quintessential man's man. I definitely agree with this claim and will go one step further to say he transformed me from a crying wussy elementary boy to a disgusting raging-hormone adolescent. When growing up, I didn't have cable television or the Internet. However, with the ancient technology of the analog radio, Dr. Drew and Adam taught me everything I needed to know about the birds and the bees on Loveline (ranging from the horrific to the fantastic). And when I caught glances of Comedy Central at a friend's house, I didn't know how awesome women on trampolines could be. Oh, Adam, how you spoiled me.

However, when I got a little older and finally had Internet in my household, I forgot about poor Mr. Carolla. College came and went, and me along with most of America are now desensitized to the ramblings that use to be so taboo on Loveline. But as we all know, Adam is much more than a teenage corrupter, he is an entertainer.

So with the invention of podcasts, I rediscovered him on The Adam Carolla Show. I mainly scan through the episodes, picking from guest interviews that look intriguing to me. When I told a friend about the podcast, he too reminisced about the glory days and he became a faithful and loyal follower of the show. So, when Adam announced he was going to be in West Palm Beach for a comedy show at the Improv, my buddy bought some tickets and three of us went on a little road trip.

We were pretty smashed, but when Adam came on stage, he wooed the crowd. As he did his routine, he had a slide show in the background to compliment his act. I can't remember everything he ranted about, but here are a few things I can still piece together:

  • His dog and children - Even the rich have family problems
  • An old Man Show sketch - It was about him and Jimmy making people nervous by acting as drunken airline pilots
  • A Bryan Cranston cartoon (I can't wait for Breaking Bad to start back up. It's my favorite show on Television)
  • His yearly salary over the years - This was pretty funny. He showed he made nothing after high school, had some ups and downs, and is now richer than everyone that was in that comedy club.
Overall, it was a great show, especially for the first comedian I've ever seen live. However I was disappointed that he didn't do his trademark bit - "What Can't Adam Complain About." This is when the audience shouts out random things and Adam tells his opinion on it. The three of us were going to shout out "Autoerotic asphyxiation" (sadly tying back to my theme of Tarantino Comics through Kill Bill's David Carradine), but didn't get the chance to. It was for the best though, as it would of sounded like a drunken mess as we could barely say 2 syllables in sync, much less 10.

The next time Adam is in town, I'd definitely see him again. He's funny, has an opinion on everything, and brings back childhood memories of me secretly listening to the radio at midnight.

So on Death List Five, Adam Carolla's Improv Comedy Show Ranks #4.

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