Monday, March 14, 2011

My Pop Culture Themed 25th Birthday!!!

Today was my 25th birthday! I have to thank my wonderful family and friends for such a fantastic day. With all the camaraderie, food, and Facebook posts (it's funny how many you get when it's your birthday), I want to share some of the gifts I received that relate to today's pop culture.

My Aunt Lani made a fantastic cake (both eye-pleasing and delicious) based on one of my favorite TV shows - Tosh.0. Instead of Daniel Tosh, it was replaced by yours truly, Me!

If you want to order a cake from her (or just look at her awesome designs), check out her blog at: Leilani's Heavenly Cakes

My sister Rebecca made me a card with me and the women of The Office. This is my absolute favorite show on Television and I will proudly hang this picture at work. I plan to blog on The Office when Steve Carell sadly leaves the show, so stay tuned...

My other sister Sarah made me an awesome Jessica Rabbit card (one of my earliest crushes)!

As for awesome things to watch on my television, my parents got me both The Walking Dead and Jackass 3D on blu-ray. I watched The Walking Dead as it premiered on AMC and loved it. As for Jackass, I have not seen it yet, but I'm ready for a great laugh (kinda ties back to the Tosh.0 videos).

So overall, I had an awesome Birthday and thanks to all the people who made it special!

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