Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Five Countdown - Best Jackass 3D Stunts

In most cases, the sight of feces, puke, and guys running around in whitey tighties make me look away in utter disgust. But the minute you mention Johnny Knocksville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, and Wee-Man, you've got me entranced!

In Jackass 3D, the glasses are pretty much useless. However, its stunts don't need any extra special effects to make them mind-blowing. Since this film features so many insane feats, I'm making this Movie Review a Top Five Countdown, listing my favorite exploits:

5. Jet Airplane: Try standing your ground behind a jet engine, much less peeing against it. The power of an engine turbine is extremely dangerous and these guys play in its current fearlessly.
4. Beehive Tetherball: At least a bear has fur when playing with bees...
3. Midgets in a Bar Fight: Imagine sitting down, enjoying a beer, and a bar fight of midgets erupts! Either you just witnessed the greatest sight ever or you're absolutely drunk.
2. Super Might Glue: This would have been my Number 1 if they got the stun gun to influence Wee-Man to separate from Preston!
1. The Ram Jam: For whatever reason, this stunt made me crack up the most! Steve-O got away, but the other guy had no chance against the ram's charge of fury.

The return of the "old man" acts are still amusing, but they're not as hilarious as in previous movies. It's ironic as you can tell the cast is getting older and they can't "perform" as they use to after years of their bodies taking a beating. However, Johnny and crew still have spirit and put on an entertaining show that reminds me of my teenage years (Even Tarantino puts Jackass 3D in his Top 20 movies of 2010).

So on Death List Five, Jackass 3D ranks #3.

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