Sunday, March 27, 2011

Top Five Countdown - MegaCon 2011 Costumes

MegaCon has come and gone and now it's back to reality. I am super exhausted and not ready to go back to work. Regardless, I had a great time this year, meeting tons of people and making new friends.

When I go to comic cons, I'm primarily focused on artwork, however a huge component is cosplay. Attendees enjoy dressing up in suits you would never see outside the convention walls. It boggles my mind that people who have never been to a comic convention are aware that costuming goes on. My coworkers are always interested in the crazy outfits I saw, never about the sketches I obtained.

So to avoid getting grief for not taking pictures of people in costume this year, here's a Top Five Countdown of my Favorite Costumes of MegaCon 2011 (yes, I know, it's only females):

5. Supergirl - I give her credit since she has the abs to compliment the cape.
4. Silk Spectre - Although she doesn't quite have the bangs, this is a great interpretation of the Watchman character.
3. Black Swan - It wasn't Natalie Portman, but I was super excited to see someone in this costume!
2. Harley Quinn - I will always prefer the Bruce Timm version, but the Arkham Asylum version is hot!
1. Pikachu - I'm not really into Anime or Manga, but now I can see why my youngest brother likes Pokemon...

Stay tuned tomorrow as I wrap up my MegaCon experiences and feature some of the artwork I got commissioned.

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