Monday, March 28, 2011

Top Five Countdown - MegaCon 2011 Convention Sketches

It was extremely hard to get out of bed this morning after a fantastic weekend. However, I made it through a long day of work and started counting down the days until my next convention.

Although I've managed to return to a normal work schedule, I'm psyched about a few things that will keep me satisfied throughout the year. At MegaCon's DC Nation Panel, Geoff Johns announced he will be writing a new Aquaman series. His writing in Brightest Day has been enjoyable and I can't wait to see how he further develops the character within his own series. I also sat through a Robot Chicken Panel which showcased clips of upcoming episodes. This panel was particularly amusing as Geoff Johns was a special guest, sharing his experiences as an occasional writer for the show's animated sketches.

And speaking of sketches, today's Top Five Countdown is featuring my favorite commissioned artwork at MegaCon 2011 (excluding Tarantino Comics Covers because these are my favorites and they will all be showcased on this blog separately).

Please realize the following are not ranked in any particular order, just a single piece selected from each my sketchbooks:

5. Batman and Daredevil by Banky
4. Zorro by Ron Salas
3. The Immortal Iron Fist by Walter Ostlie
2. Stargirl
by Amanda Rachels

1. Super Grover vs. Gonzo
by Jason Flowers

These are only a few of the awesome commissions I received at MegaCon last weekend, so be sure check out the rest at comicartfans. I should have the rest posted in the linked gallery within the next week or so.

So stay tuned tomorrow as I will finally post the highly anticipated cover to Tarantino Comics #11!

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